• Accelerate your Digital Modernization

    We empower your organization to balance Speed and Stability in the pursuit of your Digital Modernization journey!

  • Cloud-First Strategy

    We deliver High Performant, Secured and Scalable solutions that can handle the heavy lifting of Fintech IT workloads to Cloud.

  • Engineering Practice, Consulting Mindset

    We apply First Principles thinking to solve hard engineering problems envisioning the final state with solid and widespread advocacy.


Accelerate your digital modernization with our cloud platform solutions to migrate and deploy your highly regulated financial applications to Cloud infrastructure.


A cloud agnostic Application Gateway solution built on open source framework to efficiently orchestrate your micro services in cloud.


A CI-CD accelerator based on industry best practices, patterns and principles to create your build pipelines at a faster pace.


A Cloud Security framework that depicts data protection, infrastructure protection, and systems security for your regulated IT workloads in cloud.

Our Services

We have three decades of experience in serving technology solutions for Fintech organizations globally.

  • Cloud Strategy

    Architecture Assessment, Cloud-First Principle, Multi-Cloud Strategy, Feasibility Study.

  • Cloud Migration

    Readiness Assessment, Cloud-to-Cloud Phased Movement, Piecemeal Approach, 6R's Strategy.

  • Cloud Security

    Identity Governance, Security Posture Mgmt, Data Protection, DevSecOps, Risk & Compliance.

  • Cloud Native Development

    Microservices, Containerization, Serverless, DevOps, Continuous Delivery.

  • Disaster Recovery

    Application Protection, DR Drill, Business Continuity, Remote Backups Mgmt, Site Switching.

  • Cloud Infra Management

    Data Center Design, Operational Excellence, Incident Mgmt, Monitoring, Alerting, Reporting.

30 Years in IT Consulting
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